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All of us have unique broken roads to travel because we live in a fallen world. Mine began when I was born the fourth of five children to deeply wounded parents in a small town in Louisiana. I experienced abuse of all kinds from the time I was a young child…trauma that the evil one used to steal my joy. As a result, I began building a wall around my heart to keep the dark secrets hidden and to protect myself from being hurt. Without realizing it, I was building a fortress where Christ was in my walled city…but I was on the throne.

I functioned as well as possible hiding behind my wall until college when I cautiously stepped into a relationship with Christ, but I carried a lot of baggage with me. Then in the fall of 1974 I had a blind date with one of the cutest guys I’d ever met. Gary DeSalvo was a leader in Campus Crusade for Christ on the LSU campus where we both attended. He was charming, fun, full of energy and most importantly, he loved God. In fact, as a junior in college he said yes to God’s calling to pastoral ministry. Even though I wasn’t raised in a church attending family, this was an exciting thought for me.

After a thrilling two year romance we were married and began a new adventure…Gary’s training at Dallas Theological Seminary. Four years later, with a daughter and baby boy in tow, Gary accepted the senior pastor position at Temple Bible Church in Temple, Texas. Finally I would have my husband back, or so I thought.

As our congregation grew quickly, pastoring a church that began with 50 people consumed countless hours of Gary’s time and energy and unfortunately, this took a toll on our relationship. Feeling like I wasn’t worthy of Gary’s time, I added more bricks to my wall of protection. I put a smile on my face and buried my pain deeper inside me. I dedicated my life to being a good wife, mother and servant of Christ, but there was something missing. On rare occasions when I was vulnerable, I knew that I was lonely and afraid inside.

In recent years God has taken me on the most frightening, yet fulfilling journey I’ve ever experienced. I’ve traveled a broken road that led me to His heart, where my joy has been awakened with great passion and desire. The Holy One has restored everything the thief tried to steal, kill and destroy, including my innocence. He has helped me return to joy in the following ways.

My Marriage
As I began to trust God to heal my broken heart He surprised me with renewed passion for the love of my life, my husband. We now find great joy ministering together at home and in countries all over the world. Burdened with a burning desire to help couples take back all the evil one has stolen from their marriages, we speak at conferences providing practical biblical principles mixed with personal honesty and humor.

My Family
Some of the most joyous times in my life are when I’m with family and friends that are like family. Our daughter, Sarah and her husband, Bill, gave us our first four grand-children, three active boys and a darling princess warrior. Our son, Daniel and his wife, Michelle, added two more precious grandsons to our tribe. I am “Honey” to these six little munchkins along with some other special people in my life. Vacations, staycations, cousins’ camp, family get-togethers and special occasions are all festive times of celebration for us.

God’s children
God created all of us for relationship, but the evil one had convinced me that I couldn’t fully trust God or anyone. After believing the lie for many years that “people will hate me if they really know me” I played the game of “Come close, but not too close.” Surprisingly, I’ve found that people love me more when I’m real with them. As I share my story around the world God is using it to break down walls in other people’s lives. He is bringing beauty out of the ashes of my story for His glory.

My Relationship with God
The most important change has been an overwhelming joy and passion for the Deliverer of my soul. I had studied the Word of God for all of my Christian life but was afraid to get too close to the God of the Word. The Holy One captured my heart as I bowed my pain in worship, which is the bridge between heaven and earth. He gently spoke truth over me and provided divine comfort that helped me return to joy.  My prayer is that each of you will experience the awe-inspiring manifested presence of the invisible God in your lives as well.

Thanks for letting me share my heart with you. I’d love to encourage you in any way God desires, whether it is through meeting you in person, on-line or speaking at an event at your church. It is my heart’s desire is to be a safe place for you, where your inner thoughts are treated as a treasure.

Blessings and Hope,


Bev DeSalvo

Author | Speaker

God has RESTORED EVERYTHING that was BROKEN AND LOST in my life, and He longs to do SAME FOR YOU.