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Where was God?

No God, no!! This can't be true! Berkley's parents have served faithfully as missionaries for years. They've given their lives for Your how could you allow this to happen? Where were You when Berkley was being sexually molested? These were some of the...

The Thirsty Woman

There once was a woman who lived in a small village in Samaria. She was thirsty…longing to satisfy something so deep and overwhelming that she didn’t know where to go to find relief. Day after endless day she went to a special well, the one that her ancestral father,...


Bev DeSalvo

Bev DeSalvo

Author | Speaker

Bev DeSalvo describes herself as a worshiping woman who has been on an amazing spiritual journey. Raised in an abusive home that created a deep fear of intimacy, God has used her pain as a magnet to draw her to His heart. Now she takes this message of hope to hurting women all over the world and has a book, Return to Joy, that will be released in July, 2016 by NavPress.

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